Here’s How Can Dental Health Affect Your Whole Body: Protect YOUR Healthy Smile, Protect YOUR Life

We found this article interesting. Is your dental health can really affect you overall whole body health?  Here’s an article about how can dental health affect your whole body:

A little ignorance of dental health can be dangerous for your whole body. Take out proper time for your dental care and enjoy a healthy life.

What is one of the most important parts of the daily morning schedule?

It’s brushing the teeth. Good dental care and oral health is not required only for shining teeth and a beautiful smile, it’s also important for our overall health. Proper dental care not only prevents the mouth from various diseases, but also the whole body. One thing you should make clear in your mind is that body and mouth are not separate.

For enhancing beauty of face and improving your smile you can easily opt for various dental procedures like dental implant and other cosmetic surgeries, but if your health gets affected by gum problems, no cosmetic surgery will be able to help you.

There are various diseases like diabetes, pregnancy, etc., you can’t even imagine that gum problems can cause. By ignoring oral health, you invite a number of diseases. Find out how:

cheap priligy uk Diabetes and oral health: There is a strong relation between periodontitis and diabetes. Periodontitis is caused by the bacteria that affect gum and bone structure of teeth. The bacteria in the mouth create inflammation that further weakens body’s immune systems and ability to control blood sugar. The disease can get more complicated, if periodontal disease is not cured in time, as it affects body’s ability to react to insulin. By controlling on either of them, you can put a check on the other one.

go to site Alzheimer’s disease: The bacteria from inflammation of the gums can result in dementia by entering into the brain through nerve channels in the head or the bloodstream. It might further lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

buy cheap lasix online Premature delivery: Can you even imagine severe gum disease can result into premature delivery. As per a research carried out by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, around 18 per cent of premature deliveries and low birth weight babies in the US are caused by oral infections. The toxins released by oral bacteria reach the placenta via the mother’s bloodstream and affect the growth of the fetus.

Heart diseases: Health of your heart and gum diseases goes hand in hand. As per the studies, around 91 per cent of patients with heart diseases also suffer from periodontitis. Inflammation in the mouth stimulates inflammation in the blood vessels and results into various problems like increased blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Some other problems caused by gum diseases are rheumatoid arthritis pain, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and obesity.

Don’t commit the mistake of considering dental health and general health two different things. Both of these are interdependent, so practice good oral hygiene. And besides practicing right oral hygiene, also visit your dentist at regular intervals.


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