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NewSmile Webster-What-Wednesday: What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

go site Thanks again for visiting dentist in General Trias Cavite – NewSmile Dental Clinic blog. Welcome to the first edition of NS-www blog series -NewSmile Webster-What-Wednesday. A blog compilation of dental terms and dental patients frequently asked questions.  A piece of dental related information in layman’s term. All about your precious teeth, your gums , anything inside your mouth. […]

Top 7 Foods You Must Avoid and Top 7 Nutritional Foods You Need To Have a Healthy and Strong Teeth

Proscalpin cheap on online Many of us know that too much candies and sweet sodas is bad for our teeth, but there are also many foods having great benefits for our teeth and our health. There are foods that are healthy, there are foods that are unhealthy. Some are great for your teeth some are not. There are foods […]

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